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Fullformat med profesjonell 6K video

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Panasonic LUMIX S1H - Profesjonellt speilløst systemkamera med 24 megapixel fullformatsensor spesiellt utviklet for avansert videoproduksjon. Spiller inn video i 6K oppløsning med 24 bilder sek, eller C4K/4K med 60 bilder/sek og har innebygget kjøling for opptak uten tidsbegrensning.


Panasonic LUMIX S1H er i skrivende stund verdens første kamera som kan ta opp video i 6K/24p (3:2 format), 5,9K/30p (16:9 format) og 10-bit 60p 4K/C4K.


En ny-utviklet 24,2 MP bildesensor utnytter den nye Dual Native ISO funktion, og du får et dynamisk omfang på hele 14 blendertrinn


Kamerahuset har innebygget 5-akset bildestabilisering. Kombinert med et av Panasonics S serie objektiver, som også har bildestabilisering, vil du kunne arbeide nesten problemfritt med selv lange lukkertider. Bildestabiliseringen gir deg inntil 6,5 trinn.


Kameraet har innebygget kjøling av bildesensoren. Det muliggjør videopptak uten tidsbegrensning


Panasonic LUMIX S1H har et L-mount, som giver dig adgang til mere end 45 objetiver fra enten Panasonic, Leica eller Sigma.


The professional mirrorless system camera Panasonic Lumix S1H is equipped with a 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and is specially designed to offer video shooters maximum performance, functionality and image quality.


The Lumix S1H can record video in resolutions up to 6K, send out C4K or 4K signal in 4:2:2 10-bit and is equipped with dual SD memory card slots, microphone input, a headphone jack and a fully rotatable touch screen for maximum control over the composition in all positions.


Furthermore, the camera has a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, built-in 5-axis image stabilization and a robust, weatherproof chassis designed to withstand even the toughest recording conditions.


Prince of darkness
Panasonic's innovative Dual Native ISO technology interacts with the camera's image processor and can deliver sensitivities up to ISO 51,200 or ISO 204,800 in extended mode, with minimal noise even in dark image areas. The Lumix S1H is simply well prepared for demanding photography under harsh lighting conditions.


Wide range of recording formats
With its full range of recording modes, the Lumix S1H has every industry covered, from cinema to TV broadcasting. In addition to C4K/4K 60p/50p 4:2:0 10-bit and C4K/4K 30p/25p/24p 4:2:2 10-bit, the camera newly offers 6K/24p 4:2:0 10-bit in 3:2 and 5.9K 30p/25p/24p 4:2:0 10-bit in 16:9. Anamorphic mode in 4K is also available.


4:2:2 10-bit internal recording / HDMI Output
When you select C4K/4K at 30p/25p or 24p, the camera can output a 4:2:2/10-bit signal via HDMI, allowing you to save super high quality video recordings on an external hard drive. The 4:2:2 10-bit format contains 128 times as much information as 4:2:0 8-bit and manages to reproduce over 1 billion colors!


V-Log/V-gamut with 14+ stops of dynamic range
With the large dynamic range of the full-frame sensor (over 14 stops) and built-in support for both V-Log and V-Gamut, you have greater freedom to achieve a creative expression in the editing process. In addition, images taken with the Lumix S1H can be edited seamlessly with images taken with VariCam cameras.


As a further convenient touch, the LUT in use is displayed on the camera monitor. Be impressed by the precise color rendering, the subtle gradations from shadows to highlights and the precise control of color data in the editing!


Built-in fan provides unlimited video recording
For the first time ever in a full-frame digital single-lens mirrorless camera, the Lumix S1H incorporates a cooling fan as standard equipment - a feature typically found only on professional cameras. The fan is part of a newly developed heat-dispersing structure that supports unlimited video recording.


The fan can be used with four different settings. For example, AUTO1 starts the fan soon after shooting begins to keep heat down and facilitate longer shoots. AUTO2 prioritizes quiet performance and keeps the fan off as much as possible.

Teknisk info


Bitrate 150 MB/s
Kamerafatning L-mount
Kameratype Speilløst
Maks FPS (video) 60FPS
Maks ISO 204800
Minnekorttype SD
Produsent Panasonic
Sensor Fullformat
Sensorstørrelse Fullformat
Stillbildeoppløsning 24MP
Tilkobling USB-C
WiFi Har WiFi

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