Hedbox DC30 Travel Battery Charger

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Battery Plate NOT INCLUDED IN THE BOX it need to be ordered separately

The RP-DC30 digital compact traveler battery charger conveniently charges all kinds of batteries, drawing power from either an AC wall source or a 12/24V DC power source. Using easily interchangeable plates, the compact charger can be used for world-wide brand battery models.

Exchangeable Power Plugs

With exchangeable international ( Eu-Euro, US-America, UK-United Kingdom) power plugs, the travel sized RP-DC30 can be used world-wide.
Just simply use the appropriate snap-in supplied power plug model, with respect to the AC power standard you are located in, and begin charging your batteries.

In Car Use

With a 12V-24V DC power source (DC 12V car charger sold separately) you can use the charger in a car, plane, bus or any location with a 12V-24V DC power supply.

Interchangeable Battery Plates

With easily interchangeable battery plates, designed for use with digital charger models RP-DC50, RP-DC40 and RP-DC30, the intelligent charger can be used for all world brand battery models.

This economical option of interchangeable plates allows you to charge many different types of batteries, all with one charger. The charger automatically sets charging voltage and charging current for the designed battery. This leaves no space for charging error!

NOTE: Battery Plates Sold Separately

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