Hedbox DC50 Digital Dual Battery Charger

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Implemented Back-light
With implemented back-light in the large LCD screen, the readout function is enabled in the dark, that give you clear possibility to use this charger at any place and any time.

Large LCD Display Screen
A large LCD screen provides clear accurate and precise display of charging status, USB output, and DC 12V Input. Displaying Boost Charging mod provides a clear insight, into the way in which charging mode is used to charge your Professional Battery. With implemented back light, the readout function is enabled in the dark.

Dual Bay Charging Option (OBS: Krever batteriplate som leveres som ekstrautstyr)
The charger have possibility to charge One or Two Batteries Simultaneously in the same time. Intelligent Control MCU can automatically identify the voltage and number of Batteries that is put on the charger, going intelligent charge when being charging, and prevent overcharge, depending if you chose Boost or standard charging mod on Boost push button.

Charging Technologies
Intelligent Charging Systems integrate the Control Systems within the charger with the electronics within the Battery to allow much finer control over the charging process. As a safety precaution with high capacity Batteries a Pre-Charging stage is used. The charging cycle is initiated with a low current. If there is no corresponding rise in the Battery Voltage it indicates that there is possibly a Short Circuit in the Battery (zero voltage activation). Constant Current / Constant Voltage (CC/CV) Charging Mode is a effective way to charge lithium Batteries. When a lithium Battery is nearly empty, we take constant current to charge it. Charger CPU automatically adjusts Charging Current to be lower than the max charging current that Battery can accepted. With constant charging, the voltage of Battery is slowly upping, when Battery voltage reaches the max charging voltage, charger would make sure charging voltage fixed as “constant voltage” and reduce the charging current. When Battery is fully charged this state would be stopped.

Charging Time
Charging Time: Intelligent Control MCU can automatically identify the voltage and number of Batteries that is put on the charger, and prevent overcharge, depending of the Charging Mode that is selected on the switch button. In HIGH Charging mode one Professional Battery like RP-BPU80 with 74.88 Wh will be charged for approximate 3.5h, and if you take 2 of them on same charger the total charging time will be approximate 6.5h. In LOW Mode the charging time per one Battery will be 5.2h or per two 10.2h total charging time.

Boost Charging Mode
Boost Charging Push button provide HIGH speed Charging Mode. In High speed charging Mode, charger provide 1.5A current Power per one battery Slot or 0.8A per two Battery Slots. In standard Charging Mode the current power is 1A per one slot and 0.5A per two slots. When Boost Charging mode is active it will be displayed (with boost charge ico) on the Charger LCD Display, in this charging mod, you can faster charge your battery pack, that will safe you time, when you need it, on the field.

 In Car Use
With 12V-24V DC power source (a DC 12V Car charger need to order separately) you can use charger and charge your batteries in the Car, Airplane, Bus or any other place where 12V-24V DC power is supplied.

Interchangeable Battery Plates
With easily Interchangeable Battery Plates (They are designed to use only with Digital Chargers model RP-DC50, RP-DC40 and RP-DC30.) Intelligent Charger can be used for all World Brand Battery Models.

This Economic Option allows you to Charge many different Batteries, all with one Charger according to the plate model. Charger automatically sets Charging Voltage and the Charging Current for the designed Battery Pack. That leaves no space for charging error!

NOTE: Battery Plate NOT INCLUDED IN THE BOX it need to be ordered separately


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