Manfrotto Stativ MT190XPRO3

Lite 3 ledd alu stativ

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190 serien opprettholder alle de gode egenskapene til Manfrottofamilien, i tillegg har disse en rekke elegant enkle innovasjoner og praktiske forbedringer.
Tekniske data:
Sammenslått lengde: 59cm
Antall benseksjoner: 3
Max høyde: 160cm
Max høyde med midtsøyle nede: 135cm
Min. høyde: 9cm
Trygg maksvekt: 7kg
Vekt: 2kg
Quick Power Lock
The new Quick Power Lock levers provide extreme locking grip and can be released with one hand and a single movement.
The new vertical-horizontal column mechanism is hidden inside the tripod’s top casting until it’s needed. This allowed to save the space previously occupied by the shells.
Easy Link
Taking its lead from our professional equipment lines, the new 190 also includes an Easy Link attachment in the top casting,
allowing the tripod to expand the shooting holding a LED light, reflector or other accessory, and turning the 190 into a mobile studio.
Rotating Bubble
The bubble level can be rotated 360°so it never falls inconveniently under a head locking lever and can always be positioned
where it’s more convenient for the user.
New leg angle selectors are more intuitive and more ergonomic, again cutting set-up time while also making the new 190 safer to use.
The 190 is the first example of a new house style that’s distinct, yet still distinctly Manfrotto, with bold, clean shapes and lines dictated by function. The Manfrotto logo and "Made in Italy" feature prominently, and help the new 190 to stand out from the crowd everywhere from point of sale to photo location.

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