Manfrotto Vinkelskinne L-Bracket Q2

Brakett for høyde/bredde foto RC2

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The innovative Manfrotto L Bracket is the ideal solution specifically designed to match perfectly your needs.
Change photo formats in a snap!
Tired of continuously resetting the tripod position to achieve the perfect photo both in landscape and portrait position? Manfrotto has the solution: a new generation of professional accessories specifically designed to match perfectly your need to quickly flip the camera position in portrait mode without upsetting the shooting position. The Manfrotto L Bracket helps to stabilize the whole system, centering the camera’s weight over the tripod: in this way your lens won’t move and you will maintain the same high level of precision, stability and ergonomics when flipping from landscape to portrait position.
The L Bracket is a great accessory universally adaptable to any camera body which has been designed to give the maximum stability and safety to professional photographers. Special anti-rotational systems perfectly fit around the camera body ensuring a strong and firm grip stabilizing any heavy professional equipment. Moreover, the durable magnesium provides strong construction and lightweight transportability. The L bracket comes in three different quick release configurations, providing compatibility with all the Manfrotto QR attachment (Q2, RC4, Q5).
• Repositionable QR attachments
• Precision ruler
• Anti-rotational pin and plate system
• Leveling bubble
• Dedicated slot for Allen key
• Magnesium body
• Maximum precision and velocity in flipping from landscape to portrait
• Universally adaptable to any camera model
• Extremely stable and precise
• Lightweight
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