Sirui Kulehode C-10S Lettvekt hode

Arca Swiss festesystem. Ekstra lett

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Sirui C-10S - ett prisgunstig, ekstra lite og lett kulehode med Arca Swiss festeplatesystem


The SIRUI CS ball heads work very accurately and easily. The small heads are ideal for beginners and compact system cameras. The base can rotate 360 °, ideal for panoramic shots. The friction, so the mobility of the head, can be infinitely adjusted. The safety lock system prevents accidental slippage of the Quick Release Plate TY-C10. Compatible with the Arca-Swiss system, and allows the use of various boards.The advanced version provides full metal knobs for better usability. The exchange plate is rubberized and has three slots in which either the 1/4 "screw can be used. This is especially handy for cameras whose tripod mount is not centered  at the bottom of the camera. The plate can be mounted as centered, which provides increased stability. The ability to hold up to 13 kg is outstanding! C-10S have a quick function for unlocking the quick release plate.

  • 360 ° panorama function
  • Fast and easy control of knobs
  • Arca-Swiss clamp - Portrait notch
  • Plate with 1/4 "stainless steel screw - head assembly with 3/8" thread
  • Plate with rubberized finish - 3 long slots for individual placement
  • Quick Release Plate TY-C10, Dimensions: (30x38mm) and neoprene carrying bag are included
  • Quick function for unlocking the quick release plate
  • Weight: 0,22Kg


Teknisk info


Egenvekt 0,22kg
Materiale Aluminium
Passer til Foto
Platetype Arca Swiss
Produsent Sirui
Stativhode Kulehode
Trygg belastning 4kg

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