Gitzo Grease - Smøremiddel 2 tuber

Originalt fett til stativer og hoder

Produktnr: GSGREASE02
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Bestillingsvare (7 dager)
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Gitzo fett. Smøremiddel til Gizo stativer. Beskytter mot støv, sand m.m.
Sett med to stk tuber.
Engelsk tekst:
Gitzo leg locking systems are designed to serve for a life time and to always perform at their best. In order to help these components to deliver their mission, it is recommended to always use the proper grease every time your tripod is cleaned. Gitzo uses a special product that guarantees a smooth operation and protects the metal surfaces from excessive wearing over time. Furthermore, thanks to its special formula, it is not sticky in order to avoid attracting dust, sand and other dirt that may dramatically reduce the locking system life time. This grease is now available in convenient small tubes sold in a set of two. Each tube is enough to lubricate a four section tripod. We always recommend to use a minimal quantity of grease. An excessive amount may attract undesired dirt and reduce the locking ability of the system.
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