Tenba Transport Car Case LED-30W

Transportkoffert for ARRI S30

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Tenba Car Case

Tenba’s Car Cases have been battle-tested by photographers, filmmakers and rental houses for nearly 40 years. They provide a lightweight transportation solution utilizing the same materials and hardware as our Air Cases, just without the ability to be shipped or checked as luggage.

The Car Case comprises multiple layers — a water-repellant ballistic nylon outer shell, air-channeled panels to disperse the shock from hits and drops, closed-cell foam to absorb remaining shock and vibration, and finally, a durable interior lining that will survive the gear being moved in and out of the case thousands of times..


  • Passer til ARRI S30 SkyPanel med strømforsyning
  • Plass til diffusor, kabler og tilbehør
  • Kompatibel med Litepanels Gemini 2x1
  • Støt og ripesikker
  • Slitesterke luftkanalisert sidepanel
  • Vannavvisende ballistisk nylon
  • Dobble bæreåndtak på lokket og sidehåndtak
  • See trough -dentifikasjonslomme
  • Glidelås lukking 

This Tenba Car Case is designed to accommodate an ARRI S30 SkyPanel along with its power supply, honeycomb or diffusion panels, cables, and accessories. It is constructed from corrugated, air-channeled polyethylene with high-density foam which creates a durable, rigid structure that is both impact and puncture resistant. An accessory pocket with a zippered closure along the inside of the lid provides additional storage space, and a see-through identification pocket on the exterior allows for displaying a contents label or owner information. When shut, a zippered closure secures the case's contents and dual carry handles can be joined using an integrated handle wrap.


  • Varenummer: 634-413
  • Vekt:  4,4 kg
  • Utvendige mål: 53 X 55 X 32 cm
  • Innvendige mål: 50 X 52 X 29 cm  


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