Fiilex Q500AC

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Fiilex Q500AC
Barndoors, 5" Fresnel, Power Cable.
The Q500 leads the revolution in LED Lighting, offering intense power, color accuracy and control in a compact form. Boasting 750W of color-tunable output, the lighting world just got a lot brighter and a lot more efficient. With a color temperature range between 2800K-6500K, hue control ±.25 Magenta/Green, and cool running temperature, the Q500 lets you leave your color correction gels, scrims, and grip gloves behind. An LCD display makes setting your color temperature, intensity, and hue a breeze by allowing you to adjust your settings efficiently and accurately in seconds before even turning the light on, and the built-in DMX allows you to add the light easily into your set-up for remote operation. The Q500 also saves you valuable time in post-production thanks to its stellar color accuracy (CRI >93) and flicker-free light, capturing your shot at any frame rate. Let the Q500 take your work to the next level and redefine what is possible with LED lighting.
  • 750W Equivalent Output (Tungsten) - Draw 185W
  • Extended Color Temperature Range 2800-6500K
  • Hue Control ±.25 Magenta / Green
  • High CRI >93 (3000K-5600K)
  • Dimming (100%-5%)
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • Adjustable Beam Angle 50° to 27°
  • Solid State Technology (No Bulbs to Break)
  • DMX Control Built In
  • LCD Display

Teknisk info


CRI-verdi 94
Farge temp/Kelvin 2800-6500K
Høyeste Lux @ 3m 666
Lampetype LED-spot
Lysteknologi LED
Produsent Fiilex
Spredningsvinkel 54
Strømforsyning Nettdrevet
TLCI-verdi 95

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