Broncolor PAR reflektor

parabolisk form for kraftig lysstyrke

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Reflector PAR

Aluminium reflector, the inside reflecting surface has a very shiny coating, with Pulso bayonet mount. The reflector is shaped into a perfect parabola, focussed at the protecting glass of the lamp base. A phenomenal light power is achieved, which is compared to structured standard reflectors is 1.3 f-stops superior. For a more even light distribution we recommend using the matt protecting glass supplied. While it does introduce a slight 0,7 f-stop reduction in power; illumination is nevertheless uniformly concentric with a marked centre highlight.
Technical data
Light angle range 48°
Dimensions ∅ 29,55 x 18,3 cm
Weight 470 g

F-stop at 2 m distance 100 ISO,
3200J,with protecting glass UVE matt,  focussed: 90 8/10, defocussed: 90 2/10
3200J, with protecting glass clear UVE*) focussed: 128 5/10, defocussed: 90 5/10
*) The use of a clear protecting glass is only recommanded for indirect lighting as the
light source can reflect itself due to the mirror-finished reflector.
Compatible with all broncolor lamp bases and compact units construction year 1972.
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