Westcott Beauty Dish Switch

Silver Interior

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Beauty Dish Switch (Silver Interior)

  • 24" nominal diameter
  • Convenient and collapsible light modifier with the fastest setup time
  • Easily switch different types of lights in seconds
  • Requires a Switch Insert to mount a compatible light source
  • Designed by award-winning photographer Joel Grimes
  • Durable metal framework and heat-resistant fabrics for dependability
  • Neutral diffusion fabric provides consistent color temperature
  • Glamorous light output for beauty and portrait photography
  • Optional 40-degree egg-crate grid available separately
  • Largest selection of quick building light modifiers in the industry

Designed by world-renowned photographer Joel Grimes, this 24" Beauty Dish Switch light modifier with a silver interior gives photographers the ability to quickly interchange off-camera flashes while maintaining a convenient collapsible design. The quick-release thumb-lock on the Beauty Dish Switch ensures the security of your light.


The Beauty Dish Switch provides photographers with a beauty dish that assembles in seconds. Built with durable framework, long-lasting construction, and color-accurate diffusion, this will simply be the go-to modifier for any off-camera flash shoots.
Output and color accuracy are important to professionals. This taut silver interior provides maximized light output for beauty, portrait, and commercial photographers. This beauty dish directs a crisp and clean pattern of light straight toward your subject.
Each Beauty Dish Switch includes a diffusion panel, deflector plate, and durable carry case for convenience and storage.

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