Moab Juniper Baryta 305, A3+, 25 ark

100% bomullspapir m/BarytaCoating 13x19

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Moab Paper for Epson, Canon and HP
Moab Entrada RAG NATURAL 300
Product Description:
Entrada Rag Natural offers all of the benefits of Entrada Rag Bright with no optical brighteners (no OBAs). It is an award-winning art paper made of 100% cotton and exhibits a native white surface reflecting the true color of cotton to bring your vision to life. This naturally acid- and lignin-free paper offers an expanded color gamut, natural contrast and high ink load that is compatible with both dye and pigment inks. It lends itself to warm black and white prints as well as soft white color prints. The choice of thousands of fine artists worldwide. Made in USA
- Available in double and single sided sheets and roll
Application :
Photography, Portrait, Posters, Graphic Art Reproduction
Physical Specications:
Type of Material 100% Cotton
Basis Weight 300 gsm
Caliper 22.5 mil
Buffering Calcium carbonate
Whiteness (RTM-0013)
OBA Content None
Acid Free Yes
PH Value 8
Surface Matte
ICC-Profiles : 
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Antall ark 25
Papirserie Juniper Baryta
Papirstørrelse (ark) A3+
Papirtykkelse 305gsm
Produsent Moab

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