Canon MU101 Museo Silver Rag

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Fine Art Paper Crafted For Your Finest Work
Museo® Silver Rag™ leads in a new category of digital printing paper that allows image makers to approach fiber-based photo paper results without the darkroom. This new capability was born from a first-of-its-kind coating matched to a 100% cotton paper. Museo® Silver Rag™ brings it all together— extraordinary depth and detail. The hand of fine art paper, archival quality permanence, and the semigloss finish of traditional fiber based photo paper. Optimized for pigmented inks, Museo® Silver Rag™ brings out the best in B&W and color images.
• Museo® Silver Rag™ is made to archival standards
• Gloss finish
• 100% cotton
• Internally buffered
• No optical brighteners
• Acid -free
• pH: 7.9-8.5
• Weight: 300 gsm
• Caliper: 0.015” (380 µm)
• Textured (watercolor) finish
• Designed for pigmented inkjet inks
• Brightness: 90
• Robust, damage-free packaging for large sheets
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Fine art photographic printing
• Gallery exhibitions
• Color photos
• Limited edition prints
• Portraits
• Black and white printing
• Sepia prints
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Bredde (papir rull) 44" / 112cm
Lengde (papir rull) 15m
Papirtykkelse 300gsm
Produsent Canon

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