Inovativ Carts 1535 DigiCase Pro

1535 DigiCase Pro and TrekPak Organizer

Produktnr: DCP-1535
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INOVATIV’s strongest and safest way to transport your DigiPlate Pro or DigiPlate Lite system is now available using Pelican’s 1535 Air Case, the new 1535 DigiCase Pro. The 1535 DigiCase Pro is gasketed, waterproof, dust-tight, extremely durable, and has a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transport. The case is outfitted with brackets to mount both Pro and Lite versions of our DigiPlate inside creating a seamless flight-ready computer / equipment case. A DigiPlate with laptop, and computer accessories connected, will stow securely inside the 1535 DigiCase Pro. Comes standard with TrekPak Organizer.

A waterproof, rugged and airport friendly travel case
Compatible with DigiPlate Pro and DigiPlate Lite
Custom internal brackets hold the DigiPlate in place while the case is closed
Can be mounted directly to c-stands or baby pins using our new Pelican DigiCase Mount
Allows you to pack a DSLR camera and computer system in one travel ready case
Made in USA

Product Code: DCP-1535
Dimensions: Interior Length: 20.39 in (51.8 cm) Interior Width: 11.20 in (28.4 cm) Interior Depth: 7.21 in (18.3 cm) Exterior Length: 21.96 in (55.8 cm) Exterior Width: 13.97 in (35.5 cm) Exterior Depth: 8.98 in (22.8 cm)
Product Weight: 10 lb
Shipping Weight: 12 lb

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