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The Apollo 40 EVO Cart from Inovativ can be used on set, in the studio, or on location to transport your cinema equipment. It can also function as a mobile workstation for data management operators. The cart can be configured to hold several monitors, a laptop, or a camera. This allows the operator on set to help the photographer manage data more efficiently.

The rigid and stable internal main frame supports 1200 lb, and the cart is constructed with 5052 and 6061 aluminum with stainless steel hardware. All machined parts are type II and III anodized with a black powder-coated top and bottom shelves. The dual-purpose top shelf has a drop-down lip that can be used as a workstation for your computer keyboard, or you can leave it up to prevent equipment from sliding off. The top shelf also has three built-in threaded rail plates, each with twenty-two 3/8"-16 and ten 1/4"-20 threaded holes to mount different accessories. Optional drawers are available to attach to the top and bottom shelves of the cart. No tools are required to assemble the cart because it has a Corner Cam Lock System, which enables you to disassemble the cart and fold it down to a 7.5" tall trunk with all the parts and wheels inside.

The Apollo cart comes with air-filled 10" EVO wheels. All the wheels have a sealed-bearing housing, ensuring a smooth ride, optimal performance on different terrain, and the ability to withstand the elements. An optional Inovativ Premium Brake System is sold separately, for easier and smoother braking, as well as safer control of the speed of the cart downhill.

Tools not required for assembly5052 and 6061 aluminum, type II and III anodized, and powder-coated blackDual-purpose top shelf with drop-down lip for computer keyboard workstationTop shelf has 3 built-in threaded rail plates, each with 22 (3/8-16) and 10 (1/4"-20) threaded holes to mount different accessories10" EVO wheels are air-filled with sealed bearings
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