Blueshape MVFull V-Mount adapter plate

Med D-tap, USB, BTap output.

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Fully featured Multi-Power Plate, totally casted in metal
MVFULL is the new generation of Multi-Power battery adapter plates from BLUESHAPE.

Fully casted in metal, the slimmest in the market with just an 11mm streamlined profile, represent the ultimate solution for power distribution, incorporating up to 4 different outlets:
  • Standard D-Taps
  • a USB port for charging any 5V USB device (like smartphones, tablets, remote controls)
  • BTap, the BLUESHAPE proprietary solution for low voltage devices to be used with the adapters of the BUBBLEPACK range.

The metal body can be installed through a variety of hole patterns to match the device needs.

OEMs can easily customize their preferred solutions and even include a cable with a grommet.


  • Size: 141 x 82 x 11mm (5.55" x 3.23" x 0.43")
  • Weight: 0.210Kg (0.46lbs)
  • Available Outputs:
    D-Taps: 2x Nominal 14V, max 80W Fused
    USB: 1x 5V max 15W
    BTap: 1x Regulated 5V, 7.4V, 12V user selectable, max 50W

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