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Ristretto Lavalier Mini-Windjammer

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Broadcasters often prefer their microphones and wind protection to remain as unobtrusive as possible when on camera. Ristretto Windjammer offers wind protection for lavalier microphones with a more discreet appearance, as the fur is considerably shorter than that on Rycote’s existing Lavalier Windjammer. The Ristretto is secured to a microphone by a foam connector with a rubber ring for grip and retention.

Available in:
Black, Grey, and White in one and two-piece quantities.

Tie-pin, or Lavalier microphones as they are widely known, are ideal for discreet use in broadcast interview situations, their compact dimensions ensuring that they do not draw the eye on camera. Their convenient size means that they are even used by some radio broadcast engineers, despite their appearance not being an issue in that medium.

In studio environments, Lavalier microphones are commonly used without foam wind covers, but when recording interviews outdoors, Lavaliers are just as prone to the deleterious effects of the wind as any other microphone, and a windshield is required to prevent the wind rendering the interview audio unlistenable.

Rycote have manufactured a popular Lavalier Windjammer for many years, and are continuing to do so, but in recognition of the fact that most broadcasters today prefer their microphones to remain as unobtrusive as possible, a re-engineered version of that Windjammer has now been added to Rycote’s product line which is more discreet on camera.

The fur on the new Ristretto, as it is known, is considerably shorter than that on Rycote's existing Lavalier Windjammer. Like the existing Rycote Lavalier Windjammer, the Ristretto is secured to its microphone by a foam connector, but a rubber ring has now been added to both products for better grip and retention

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