Samyang Xeen Canon EF Kit

Med hardcase

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Expand your video and filmmaking experiences with XEEN cinema lenses. With a T1.5 and outstanding optical performance for 4K+, focus on the Mise-en-scène of the images you want to create.

XEEN lenses feature declicked gear rings in identical locations, so that changing lenses is no longer a hassle. Mounts are interchangeable, meaning each lens can be used on a variety of cameras. The XEEN series aims to delivers unparalleled performance with affordability to satisfy the needs of videographers and filmmakers, regardless of the situation or equipment.

Important features

  • Bright aperture of T1.5 for low-light situations
  • Outstanding optical performance for 4K+
  • Calibrated focus for exceptional image quality
  • Focus and aperture gear rings in standardized positions
  • 5 interchangeable mounts (PL, EF, F, E and MFT)
  • X-Coating Technology sharpness and contrast
  • Full-frame coverage (36x24mm)
  • Declicked gear rings for follow-focus system
  • Reliable aluminum metal housing
  • Calibrated focus scales in metric or imperial units
  • Consistent front diameter for professional cinema production


Samyang XEEN Hardcase incl. foam

Hard case specially designed to fit up to 6 pcs of XEEN lenses

  • Water-proof O seal around the lid
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Easy to close
  • Load-tested and fold-down handles with soft grip
  • Holes for 2 padlocks
  • Stackable
  • Thick chassis material
  • Retractable extension handle
  • Strong Hinges
  • 517x392x229mm
  • Weight 9,9Kg (without lenses)

This case provide superior protection against the environment, water, dust, and influences, makes it suitable for a wide range of fields


104671 - Samyang XEEN 24mm T/1.5 FF Cine Canon EF
105358 - Samyang XEEN 35mm T/1.5 FF Cine Canon EF
104676 - Samyang XEEN 50mm T/1.5 FF Cine Canon EF
104681 - Samyang XEEN 85mm T/1.5 FF Cine Canon EF
105281 - Samyang XEEN Hardcase 6 incl. foam

Teknisk info


Brennvidde (fast)
  • 24mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 85mm
Fokusering Manuell
Kamerafatning Canon EF
Maks blenderåpning t/1.5
Produsent Samyang

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