Cartoni Stativkit FOCUS HD Aluminium 2st

2 ledd, SmartStop, Focus, Mid Spreader

Produktnr: K529/SM
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Fluid head H529 + 1 handle + ENG 2 stage aluminum Smart Stop
tripod T628/2
+ mid level spreader S731/SQR + rubber feet A876
The FOCUS HD fluid head is the ideal support for the latest HDV cameras weighing from 0 to 12 kg. Extremely compact and lightweight, the innovative FOCUS HD features a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tiltmovements and an unprecedented patented variable counterbalace which brings its range of use to cover all existing ENG and HDV cameras.
The Focus HD head comes equipped with a quick release sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level and telescopic pan bar. Its tilting range is +/- 90° with perfect response throughout the entire tilt range.
It interfaces with all 100mm bowl base tripods and supports. The extreme ruggedness and versatility together with an outstanding quality/price retio make the FOCUS HD the best possible support for news operators and HDV videographers.
The Tripod Smart Stop 2 st. Alu.This ENG lightweight tripod is specially designed for fast setup. In just 3 moves of the patented Smart-Stop lever you can adjust the double stage legs in a moment and yet rely on a positive clamp at any desired operative height.
Smart-Stop double stage tripod features 100 mm bowl base in aluminium or carbon fiber tubing.
Ideally completed by built-in Spreader and pivoting rubber feet it features an extraordinary torsional rigidity and becomes the bestseller tripod for ENG and Documentary work.
Teknisk info


Antall ledd 3
Benlås Flipplås
Egenvekt 6,9kg
Halvkule 100mm
Laveste høyde 76cm
Lengde sammenslått Ikke oppgitt
Maks høyde (u/midtsøyle) 160cm
Materiale Aluminium
Passer til Video
Platetype A958
Produsent Cartoni
Spreder Mid-level
Stativtype Tripod
Trygg belastning 12kg

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