8Sinn Cage 5DMK4/III

Enkelt bur til Canon 5D Mark IV/III

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8Sinn 5DM4 Cage

The cage for Canon 5DMIV/5DMIII maintain the 8Sinn style - it has every characteristic feature. Not to mention the quality and functionality preserved at a high level. 8Sinn cages have many features that make them unique and many proven practical solutions which turned out to be of great use.

Cage fits for both camera models. 

Ergonomic design and organic shape

8Sinn cages are designed to be tools for everyday work - but besides being comfortable and ergonomic - 8Sinn Cages are also looking good 

One piece of aluminium 

The cage is made from one piece of air aluminium which guarantees resistant and lightweight construction - two basic features when building up rigs. 

Strap holder 

Possibility to attach a comfortable strap to the cage to ensure good grip. 

Cable clamp

The cable clamp is the perfect solution to protect HDMI port and plug from being damaged.Additionally it has the adjustable width, so it can hold different types of cables. 

Mounting points

Every single one of 8Sinn cages is covered with 1/4 threaded mounting points. This feature allows to arrange the accessories in many ways.  

Presented set includes following elements: 

  • 1 pc Cage for Canon 5DmkIV / 5DmkIII
  • 1 pc HDMI cable clamp


  • Length: 169,70 mm   
  • Height: 127,50 mm    
  • Width: 70 mm  
  • Weight: 287 g
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